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James Duncan


James Duncan

Company Role:

Life Insurance Sales Advisor

I have worked in the Life Insurance Industry for:

Approximately 6 months

Top 3 favourite books/podcasts: 

I tend to like some theology books and while I don’t actually own many of these myself, I also very much like history books (history of the Canadian Prime Ministers, biographies of U.S. Presidents, WWI and WWII history).

What is the biggest misconception about Life Insurance?

From my time in the life insurance industry thus far, the biggest misconception that I have come across is that life insurance is something you don’t need to get serious about until you are in your 60s/70s. Nothing could be further from the truth! By that point in time, the costs have most likely become more expensive, and even more importantly, there is the real risk that something unfortunate may happen before one reaches their 60s/70s. Therefore, it is imperative that people have protection in place for their family’s sake as soon as possible!

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