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Summary: Bloggers – sign up using the form below to commit to publishing a post on November 15th for financial literacy month. In exchange, get three awesome backlinks and a chance to win $500!

November is Financial Literacy month.  Yup, it’s that important that there’s a whole month dedicated to it.  No, it’s not quite important enough to warrant a day off work.  I guess that ranks it somewhere between groundhog day and Canada day.

Except financial literacy IS important. Educating Canadians about our finances is one of the greatest things we can do for others both individually, and as a country.  Many Canadians are not preparing financially for their future, many are spending beyond their means and mortgaging their future, and many have not even taken the basic first step of budgeting.

On November 15,  we’re going to light up the blogosphere with information with the Blog for Financial Literacy campaign.  We’ve asked a large number of Canadian bloggers to write a blog post on “My best financial tip” and publish it on that day.  The intention is to provide financial information to Canadians in a simple and easy to understand fashion, thus contributing to financial literacy.

We need you!  If you’re a Canadian blogger, please sign up using the form below.  We need to know ahead of time how many sites are going to participate.  And there’s some gravy in it for you as well.  Here’s what you get if you sign up:

  • Links from 3 top quality Canadian financial websites.  Term Life Insurance,, and Canadian Capitalist have all agreed to provide an outbound link to each participant.  These are great links from top notch sites.
  • Chance to win $500. Better than an Ipad draw, you can buy your own dang ipad. Or better yet, put it into an RESP.  Here’s how you can increase your chances of winning this random draw.
    1. Every participant will receive one entry into the draw.
    2. If you tweet a link to this post, you’ll receive 5 additional entries.
    3. For each participant that mentions your site as having referred them, you’ll receive 2 additional entries.
    4. UPDATE: If you write a blog post announcing the event prior to November 1, we’ll add in another 5 entries for the draw for $500.

    We’ll do a random draw at the end, and send the lucky winner a cheque for $500.

That’s it.  Here’s how to be succesful and participate to the fullest.

  1. Complete the form below now so we can get you counted.Then on November 15th, publish a blog post with “My Best Financial Tip”.
  2. Email everyone you know with a link to this post, telling them to sign up immediately using your site as a referral.  Extra 2 entries for each one that does so!
  3. Tweet a link to this post and include the hashtag #blogforfinancialliteracy .  I’ll cross check twitter ID’s with a search for that hashtag and you’ll get 5 extra entries for tweeting.
  4. Consider writing a blog post linking to this post to let your readers know – and again remind them to use your site as a referral.
  5. And finally, on November 15, publish your post on “My Best Financial Tip”.

You know the drill – we’ll pick a winner and our decision, even if incorrect, is final :).

Then sit back and know that Canadian bloggers have helped raise Canadian’s financial literacy one more step.

Yes! Count me in, I am going to participate with a blog post on November 15th on “My Best Financial Tip”:[contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]

Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.


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