Lost Life Insurance Policy Finder

Are you unsure if a recently deceased had a life insurance policy?

Are you acting as an executor for an estate or lawyer for the estate and looking to ensure that you’ve eliminated the possibility of the existence of a life insurance policy? A comprehensive search can take days or perhaps weeks to complete, but uncovering a life insurance policy could potentially be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

LifeInsuranceCanada.com Inc. has a unique service designed to fulfill these needs. Using our connections at life insurance companies, we will investigate on your behalf policies from over 115 life insurance companies. This search includes policies from companies that have now merged, been taken over, changed their names or become defunct. Please note that it does not cover all life insurance companies in Canada, nor does it cover all policies at the companies that we do contact. We do believe however that this is the most comprehensive search available in Canada.

Two other similar services exist in Canada today. The insurance industry offers a free service, however it does require substantial confirmation that a policy actually exists before they will initiate a search. The search is one way only, companies are contacted but no follow up or confirmation is provided. Details of this service are available at www.olhi.ca/policy_search.html. The second such service is also a fee based service, provided by MIB which is the company that acts as a medical information database for insurance applications. This service does not actually check with companies for in force policies. Instead they are checking their internal database of insurance applications (applications, not actual policies) made after 1996. Insurance policies issued prior to 1996 or where the insurance company did not register the information with MIB will not show up in this search.

Further details are available at www.mibsolutions.com/policy_locator_faqs/.

Our service is $499 +HST. We recommend that lawyers and financial planners contact us prior to applying to determine if discounts are available, please call 1-877-344-4011. As we are actually contacting a large volume of insurance companies please allow 6-8 weeks for our final report; some companies may require multiple follow up calls for us to receive a response.

To proceed, or for full details of this service, please download our lost life insurance policy finder agreement.