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Super Visa health insurance quotes

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You can compare super visa health insurance quotes using the calculator at the top of this page.

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind as you run the quotes though.

1) Deductibles vary from $0 to $5000. $0 deductibles provide 100% coverage for all eligible claims. A $5000 deductible plan will have lower premiums, however you will be responsible for paying any costs of eligible claims below $5000. So with a $6000 claim, you would cover $5000 and the insurance company will cover $1000. To keep your premiums low, choose the highest deductible that you’re comfortable paying for in the event of an emergency.
2) Multiple entry coverage. Plans with this coverage allow you to return home and then come back to Canada. Coverage will cease when you exit Canada, and then be automatically reinstated when you come back to Canada. Plans without multiple entry coverage will automatically cancel coverage as soon as you leave Canada to return home.
3) Side Trip coverage. Side trip coverage allows you to travel outside of Canada during your visit. This allows you to travel with your family outside of Canada, perhaps for a vacation down to the U.S. or similiar. Plans without side trip coverage do not provide coverage outside of Canada. This coverage varies from plan to plan, so always read the policy before purchasing. For example, some plans provide coverage for trips only to the U.S. or Mexico. Others provide coverage for trips to any location except Cuba (due to U.S.-Cuba trade relations problems).
4) Coverage amounts. There are two common coverage amounts for super visa health insurance, $100,000 and $150,000. These coverage amounts are the maximum payment (less deductible) that the insurance company will cover. Claims in excess of the coverage amount will not be covered by the insurance company and must be paid out of pocket by you. Consider your coverage amount carefully, selecting $100,000 will lower your insurance premiums but leave you open to potentially catastrophic financial risk. Will the premium savings be worth it if you have a $150,000 claim but are only covered for $100,000 (leaving you to pay the $50,000 in excess)?

So use the online quotes at the top of the screen to compare rates from a variety of Super Visa health insurance companies. On the quoting screen you can compare each of these four options, including pricing out different deductibles. And once you’ve selected your plan, you can click the link beside the plan to purchase it online.

And if you have questions, feel welcome to call us at 866.662.5433.

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