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Life Insurance Leads Canada

Why Life Insurance

In 2007, Glenn Cooke (former President of Life Insurance Inc.) attempted to sell life insurance to consumer he had connected with via For over a month, Glenn called dozens of consumers every day. And for the first month, he made absolutely zero sales. But, in the first week of the second month he finally found one consumer that was going to buy life insurance no matter how poor of a salesperson he was. Within the first three months, Glenn went from having no sales to one of the top 10 agents at the national agency he worked with.

Through the years after, Glenn has worked personally with thousands of Canadians helping them with their purchase of life insurance. Everyone from actuaries, engineers, teachers, even other insurance agents and regulators have purchased insurance after connecting via this website.

Now, over 10 years later Life Insurance decided to refocus in a more technical role. Life Insurance stopped selling life insurance to consumers in 2017 and started working in an educational capacity.

The good news was, many Canadians were still coming to Life Insurance looking to connect with a life insurance broker and that broker could be you.

Our Life Insurance Leads

When we connect you with a consumer, those consumers came to you from our website. They actively looking for life insurance, which resulted in them landing on our site.

When we connect you with a consumer, those consumers are coming to you from our website. Visitors on our website are actively looking for life insurance and/or researching life insurance before purchasing which resulted in them landing on Life Insurance

Independence is Important

Because we stopped selling life insurance in 2017, we did not purport to tell the brokers purchasing life insurance leads from us how to sell. The life insurance brokers who were buying life insurance leads from us communicated with those consumers, and did what they do best – advise them on the purchase of life insurance.

We did not take a cut of the commission of the brokers, and we did not restrict what companies they could sell to the consumers. In fact, since we wanted to ensure that the consumers were properly treated, we asked that all of the advisors we worked with confirm that they will advise the consumers without restriction on the company or product that they were recommending. Working with us meant that you were unrestricted by agency requirements on company or product. We wanted the brokers who purchased life insurance from us to offer what is best for the consumer.

Please Note: Our terms of service required that we only provided leads in provinces for which the life insurance broker was duly licensed and registered. To confirm this, we asked that you provided a link to the appropriate insurance commissioner’s website showing and proving your licensing status. Under no conditions would we provide consumer information with an area code in a location where an advisor is not licensed.

Further, all advisors agreed that when contacting consumers they will identify themselves specifically and only as the entity for which they are licensed.

Current Status of Leads

At the beginning of 2019, Life Insurance stopped selling life insurance leads to brokers. We are currently in the process of creating a platform that will allow us to be able to provide leads for life insurance brokers and agents all across Canada. We are aiming to have something ready by 2022.

If you are a licensed life insurance broker in Canada and feel that you may be interested in participating in this program, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can be sure to contact you once it is available.

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