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Critical Illness Insurance Covered Conditions
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Critical Illness Insurance Covered Conditions

Critical illness insurance in Canada has about two dozen standard covered conditions.  Most policies cover ‘most’ conditions but few cover them all.

Critical illness insurance in Canada has about two dozen standard covered conditions.  Most policies cover ‘most’ conditions. However few policies cover all conditions.  It’s important to compare both premiums and covered conditions, to ensure you’re getting the most complete coverage at the best premium.

It’s important to note that critical illness insurance does not simply ‘cover’ the conditions. It’s not as simple as you have a heart attack and the company pays the benefit, or you develop cancer and they pay the benefit.  You must both develop the condition AND meet the stringent policy criteria.  We recommend reading our full series of articles on critical illness insurance so that you’re aware of what you’re purchasing.

Here’s a list of the standard covered conditions:

  1. Cancer
    • Life Threatening Cancer
    • Early Prostate Cancer (Partial)
    • Ductal Breast Cancer (Partial)
    • Superficial Malignant Melanoma (Partial)
    • Benign Brain Tumour
  2. Stroke
  3. Heart
    • Heart Attack
    • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
    • Heart Valve Replacement
    • Aortic Surgery
    • Angioplasty (Partial)
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Motor Neuron Disease
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease
  7. Parkinson’s Disease
  8. Aplastic Anemia
  9. Loss of Limbs
  10. Loss of Speech
  11. Blindness
  12. Paralysis
  13. Severe or Major Burns
  14. Coma
  15. Kidney Failure
  16. Organ Transplant
  17. Enrollment in Official Transplant Program
  18. Occupational HIV
  19. Loss of Independence
  20. Bacterial Menengitis
  21. Complications from Infectious Diseases
    • West Nile
    • Flesh Eating Disease
    • E. Coli
    • Lyme Disease

Not all companies cover all conditions. Shop and compare, you can do this through our online critical illness quotes.

As noted above, you must both develop the condition AND satisfy the contractual provisions surrounding the condition. Simply developing the condition is not going to result in payment of a benefit.

Most companies in Canada use standard definitions. However some companies deviate from these conditions. If you purchase a policy that has non-standard definitions, make sure you know how your policy varies from the standard, and why. That’s why it’s important that you deal with an expert in Critical Illness Insurance. Feel welcome to call us toll free at 1-877-344-4011 or schedule a call with one of our Critical Illness Specialists.


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